Painted Leaf Cards

The painting of the leaves of the Peepal Tree is a traditional occupation carried out by the lower caste women in Southern India. They paint them in craft centres or in their homes and they are sold, mainly in the form of greetings cards. The money they earn is vital in helping them to raise their families.

Health Help International supports a number of womens’ groups in Kerela by providing them with the materials, training them in the painting of the leaves and by organising the production of the cards.

Strathaven Friends of HHI supports its parent Charity by organising the sale of the cards both locally and to a wider market.

The designs are generally of birds, flowers and butterflies or of Indian people and scenes but a number of Strathaven scenes have been specially designed for us and other Scottish themes are planned. In 2018 several Christmas card designs were added to the range and proved very popular. These cards will be available again for 2019. The ladies in India are currently working on these designs and they will be here in good time for Christmas.

All monies raised by us from the sale of the cards is returned to India to help the women continue with their work and to support HHI in its other humanitarian work in Kerala.