Silent Auction

The recent Silent auction was a great success, allowing SFHHI to pass the money raised to HHI to be used in their work supporting sick and disabled children. We are delighted to share their thanks.

Dear Friends at SFHHI,
Thank you so very much for the cheques we have just received from you for the amazing sum of £700 raised from your recent Silent Auction.  Thank you, too, for agreeing to Gift Aid some of the money…the additional income will make a real difference to our spending power.
We understand that the event was very enjoyable and that many interesting high-quality items had been donated. To collect and store such a large number of items requires a lot of hard work so thanks must be given to those who work quietly ‘behind the scenes’. We also heard that the range of refreshments which were served were wonderful and typical of the hospitable nature of the generous Str’aven supporters.  Thank you very much.
As a result of all your hard work, many children who are needy, sick and disabled will be given more hope, health and healing.
On behalf of everyone at HHI, may |I again say a huge thank you and send you our Christian love and best wishes,
Diolch yn fawr a chofion gorau,
Hilary and Jute and the Newport Team