Strathaven Friends of HHI support for the Banyan Tree Tuition Group

As you can imagine last year, 2021, has been like no other year. There have been extra unforeseen costs for our tuition groups and social distancing, face coverings, isolation, inoculation and peripatetic teaching have all changed the way we offer our help. The Avendale group support three Tuition Groups in Kerala in South India. The three groups we sponsor are UNDAPPARA Tuition Group, CHERAPPALY Tuition Group, and ARYANAD Tuition Group. Last year at this time the estimated running cost for each group was £50.00 per month but the additional costs have made that estimate difficult to achieve. However due to your continued support and generosity we achieved that estimated figure in October allowing this important work to continue. By the end of the year 2021 a total of £3231 was raised and with the addition of monies reclaimed from Gift Aid the gross amount surpassed even our highest expectations.  All donations for the Tuition Group go directly through HHI to the Banyan Tree Tuition Group work. After completing a number of health inspections and certificates being issued schools have re-opened. We hope it will not be long before the Tuition Groups can meet in a “pre covid” way.

Many thanks to all for your continued support for our Tuition Groups in India. We are not sure how this work will proceed in these difficult times but be assured your gifts will continue to improve the education and subsequently the life achievements in communities in Kerala. Ian Gow , who has organised the Avendale supporters, receives donations in many ways. Some folk give an annual donation in January, some give a donation each month through the year and others give a donation at birthdays or anniversaries. Some give a donation electronically directly to HHI. Whichever way and by however much you decide to support the Banyan Tree Tuition Groups it will be received with grateful thanks.

Edmund Plummer, the Chair of Health Help International was able to return this year to Kerala to see the many individuals and various projects which HHI has been supporting throughout the Pandemic and he has sent us these photos of the Tuition Groups at Undappara and Cherappaly which he visited.