Tuition Groups in India

HHI have been supporting the Tuition Groups run by the Banyan Tree in Kerela for many years but at the end of 2017 financial restrictions resulted in the number of these groups having to be severely reduced despite the high demand.  These Tuition Groupssupplement state education and have helped school pupils achieve academic success beyond their expectations and given life changing choices to deprived young folk. 

HHI recruits and pays the salaries of the teachers and atthe start of the school year provides the funds for the students to be given school supplies including notebooks, pencils, pens and other learning aids. 

The young people come in before and after school with great enthusiasm to take advantage of this additional learning opportunity

During the year 2018 Strathaven supporters have eased the financial shortfall by funding four Tuition Groups for the entire year and we hope to equal or surpass this level of funding for the year 2019. These donations to fund the Tuition Groups varied from £1.00 to £10 per month and one off donations from a number of supporters helped boost our total.

One of the Tuition Groups our supporters sustained in 2018.

Can you help to give some Indian pupils a better education?